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For Accropark, safety comes first.
Sessions start with a brief safety briefing and then you can climb for 2 hours. Remember to arrive 15 minutes before your session to receive materials and instructions.

Accropark only uses well-known and internationally established suppliers of equipment and materials in the field of high altitude courses. We use the lifeline system of the French company Vertvoltige whose safety hook cannot be unhooked by mistake, it follows you safely throughout the course. The safety hook is certified in accordance with European standards. Also all materials used for construction, protective equipment are certified and comply with European standards. Nicolas, a state graduate, takes care of all the equipment by carrying out numerous expertises throughout the season.

The Accropark course is certified by the French manufacturer Altibranche and complies with the CE standard for tree climbing course EN-15567-1 and EN-155667-2. Every year, several expertises are carried out on the park. An arboricultural expertise is also carried out in order to preserve the good health of our trees. A security expertise is carried out by an independent company specializing in the activity. Accropark is also an IAPA affiliate.

Parents or other groups of adults are responsible for the children and should be present at all times , even when the instructor is on site to attend the course and teach. The Accropark high altitude course cannot be used without the presence of a licensed instructor. It is strictly forbidden to ride outside of opening hours.

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