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The BRO Accropark offers 9 safe courses, suitable for the whole family, with degrees of difficulty and heights varying from 1 m for the youngest and up to 12 m high for the bravest!
The sessions start with a brief safety briefing and you can then ride for 2 hours on your own. Remember to arrive 15 minutes before your session to receive materials and instructions.
Bul jaune.png
1.5 m
130 cm
Dif2 - facile.png
Haut - 1,5m.png
Haut - 110 à 130.png
110 cm
3 yellow games :
For children under 130 cm (from around 4 years old or around 110 cm) . The courses are between 1 m and 1.50 m above the ground, composed of swings, zip lines, nets. Your children will be able to participate in the discovery of the activity at your side.
Bul vert.png
130 cm
3 m
Haut - 3m.png
130 +.png
Dif2 - facile.png
1 green game :
For adults and children from around 6-7 years old (at least 130 cm, without adult accompaniment) The course is located between 2 m and 3 m above the ground. After an experience on short courses, the children will gain height to live a great experience!
Bul bleu.png
140 cm
6 m
Haut - 6m.png
130 +.png
Difé - moyen.png
3 Blue games :
For adults and slightly older children of at least 140 cm . The courses are located at an altitude of between 4 m and 7 m and consists of many challenges.
Bul red.png
150 cm
9 m
Haut - 9m.png
150 +.png
Dif2 - hard.png
1 red game :
Challenging games for daring and experienced adults and children of at least 150 cm .
The courses are located at an altitude of between 4 and 9 m with many balancing and physical games. Are you up to the challenge ?!
Bul orange.png
150 cm
12 m
Haut - 12m.png
150 +.png
Difé - moyen.png
1 Orange game - Zip line of +100 m:
From the top of the treetops, our zip line offers you an incredible view. You start on the ground and quickly climb to 12m . More than 100 m of zipline awaits you!
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Plan du parc

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